We are certainly living in extraordinary times and we are confident in our team’s ability to adapt to a compliant form of business while delivering the same level of service you know and trust.

With so much unknown of what time frame will be set on social distancing, allow Baxter Gardens West to transform your place of quarantine into a garden of therapy. Why not take this time to tend to what is important to us. Our family, house and nature.

We have the technology to have a personalized one-on-one meeting through Facetime, where you can stay in your home while we gather the information in order to transform your yard into a space you can enjoy.


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By Marianne Mollison March 27, 2019

Infestations were heavy last year. If you have bags hanging on evergreens currently, they contain the eggs for this year’s hatch. If your plant was nearly killed by the worms, it is typically beneficial to remove the plant to prevent spread to other evergreens. In the case of lighter infestations, removing and disposing of the bags now can prevent hatching this spring.