Garden Tips for January

Houseplants:  Keep their leaves clean, free of dust.  This way the plants can breathe better and purify the air more. When watering house plants… Read More

Drought in Winter

Drought conditions can happen in the winter. In the winter homeowners supplemental watering through irrigation is turned off. With little to no rain or snow,… Read More

Houseplants in Winter

10 Tips for Houseplants in Winter Cut back on watering. Pay attention to where the sunlight is moving from your window in winter. A… Read More

Bulb Forcing

  Are you looking to bring flowers indoors during the winter months? You can with bulb forcing. Bulb forcing dates back to the mid… Read More

Herbicide application

If weeds in landscape beds are a problem, Herbicide granules containing Treflan would be a good choice to apply during spring mulching projects. The Herbicide… Read More


Infestations were heavy last year. If you have bags hanging on evergreens currently, they contain the eggs for this year’s hatch. If your plant was… Read More