Garden Tips for January

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Garden Tips for January

By jamie January 2, 2024


  • Keep their leaves clean, free of dust.  This way the plants can breathe better and purify the air more.
  • When watering house plants use room temperature water.  Cold water can shock the plant.
  • Some plants such as spider plants, dracaenas, calatheas, and peace lilies, are sensitive to harsh chemicals in tap water like fluorine and chlorine. Damage can appear as tip browning. Water with distilled or filtered water, or allow tap water to sit for 24 hours to allow the chemicals to evaporate.
  • Be sure to quarantine new houseplants and inspect carefully for pests.



Trees and Shrubs:

  • Allow ice to melt off plants naturally.  Ice can lead to breakage.
  • Avoid foot traffic on frozen lawns as this may injure the grass.
  • Check fruit trees for evidence of rodent injury to trees.


  • Christmas tree boughs can be used to mulch in and around your garden beds.
  • Make tools easier to spot by applying brightly colored paint or tape to the handles, this way you can see them in your shed.
  • Now is a great time to start a garden journal. Write down what plants you currently have, how they have performed, and what you plan on growing this year. Make a resolution to keep records of your garden this year. Enjoy the time Winter gives to plan for Spring.