Houseplants in Winter

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Houseplants in Winter

By jamie December 11, 2023

10 Tips for Houseplants in Winter

  • Cut back on watering.
  • Pay attention to where the sunlight is moving from your window in winter.
  • A few leaves dropping is to be expected in winter.
  • Avoid extreme hot or cold in your house.
  • No fertilization is needed during the winter.
  • Keep an eye out for indoor pests.
  • Crank up the humidity, plants love the moist air.
  • Keep foliage free of dust and debris.


Easy indoor plants include Pathos, Peace Lilly, Spider Plant and English Ivy.


Selecting Potting Soil:      High quality potting soil is the key to your plant’s health.  Choose a soil rich in peatmoss, pearlite and wood chips. Having these additives in your soil will aid in aeration and drainage.


Selecting Containers:     When choosing a container choose one that has good drainage. Selecting a container with no holes will keep water in and lead to overwatering.  Terra Cotta pots will retain water longer and help with airflow through the roots.


Winter can be a good time to focus on your houseplants.  With these simple tips your indoor garden can be growing strong all Winter long.