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By CHERYL July 30, 2019

Nutgrass is a bright green grassy weed that sprouts up wherever it wants to. If it is in your lawn you will notice that it’s a different color and grows faster than your lawn. You may have pulled them out only to notice more pop up. At the end of the root there are “nutlets” when you pull the nutgrass up some of the nutlets remain in the ground. Each nutlet will grow into another nutgrass plant. This clever form of self perservation will drive you nuts because the nutgrass will never go way by just pulling them out.

We recommend treating your nutgrass with Sedgehammer. It takes being persistent with the spraying of Sedgehammer to get rid of the nutgrass. As soon as you notice new nutgrass sprouting up treat it. Sedgehammer goes to work almost immediately after application, but the results will not be seen for 7-14 days because it is eliminating the nutgrass plant starting with the roots and working its way up to the above ground plant. Nutgrass will die down to the ground in the fall so the last time to get this spray absorbed into the plant is now through mid-September or so. Be persistent with your spraying and do not pull out the nutgrass.

The following spring keep checking the areas that you treated. If you see it coming back, spray it before it gets too tall. Sedgehammer will work quicker if you spray it when it is only 2-3” tall. The taller it gets, the longer it takes the chemical to work its way through the plant.

With any application of chemicals, I would recommend always checking the label.