Vacation Survival Tips for your Landscape and Garden

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Vacation Survival Tips for your Landscape and Garden

By CHERYL June 28, 2019

While you’re taking time to rest and recharge on vacation, your landscaping, annuals and garden can deteriorate while you are gone. That’s because a week or two without your usual TLC can leave your plants dry and wilted, death for your annuals, veggies and herbs.

Check the weather forecast

Knowing if there’s a heatwave coming or a lot of rain in the weeks forecast when you are gone will help you prepare. The top concerns are always your plants getting the right amount of water.

Add mulch

Placing mulch around all your plants not only helps control weeds, but it’ll help retain moisture by putting a barrier between the soil and the hot air. Mulched landscapes retain 25% more moisture than those without mulch. If you haven’t mulched in a while, do so before you leave.

DIY irrigation system

The biggest problem facing your landscaping, annuals and garden while you are away is getting enough water.  Buy hoses, soaker hoses and timers so the system will turn on and off automatically.

Gather hanging baskets and containers

 Group containers near an automatic sprinkler before you leave, so they get watered while you are away. If possible, put the potted plants in the shade to protect them from drying out in the sun.

Recruit help

Nothing can replace having your own eyes to oversee your landscaping, annuals and garden. Ask a good friend or trustworthy neighbor to keep an eye on your plants. Upon your return thank them with a gift or invite them over for a home cooked meal to catch up with one another.

Feed and inspect your plants

Give your annuals an extra helping of Fertilome Blooming and Rooting. If you see plants not looking good, make sure you treat the problem before you go. Spray for insects, treat fungus and dead head your flowers. If you’re not sure what the problem is take a picture and visit our Garden Center where our experts can provide you with the proper treatment.

Returning from your trip

When you return home from your trip make sure to find the time to give your plants some extra TLC. Give them a good water if needed and pull any weeds that sprang up while you were away and deadhead your flowers.